The Best Intensive for PrePROFESSIONAL Performance Artists and Choreographers

The Art of Performance and the Craft of Choreography: At New Century Dance Project

If you want to be a better choreographer, you have to understand what it takes to be a great performer. Likewise, if you want to be an outstanding performance artist, then understanding the elements of choreography is essential. Choreographers who understand the dancers they’re working with will be better at drawing out what they need from those who they’ve cast in their work. Dancers who understand the choreographic process itself will be better at giving a dance maker what they’re asking for in their work. So, although performance and choreography do each require unique training, education, and skills, there is much that overlaps between these two artistic endeavors. Regardless of your career goals and aspirations as a performance artist or choreographer, understanding what happens on the stage, off the stage, and behind the scenes will make you stand out among other dancers, giving you a strategic advantage and a breadth of knowledge that will serve you well over the course of your career.

Why We Developed New Century Dance Project

In recent years, we’ve noticed an increasing number of aspiring professionals express an interest in becoming choreographers; however, many are unaware that their traditional studio training may not be sufficient. As teaching artists, we’ve also noticed that many young artists don’t have all of the information, knowledge, and skills to become professional performers, to get into a solid college dance program, or be hired for their first professional gig. New Century Dance Project will give you a great start, or take you to the next level, toward accomplishing your short and long-term goals.

Understanding Choreography: Why it's Important for Both the Choreographer & Dancer

While being a well-trained dancer and an experienced performer is of the utmost importance and a necessary foundation for any aspiring choreographer (and also a key component of the festival educational program), the art of composition (making a dance) is a nuanced skill that dancers with interest in choreography must hone over time. Every dancer has their own artistic voice, but how do artists learn to express themselves with meaningful, impactful choreography? How do they transition from creating movement to composing a piece? And even if a dancer doesn’t want to become a choreographer, why is it helpful for them to understand this as a performance artist? NCDP has found the lack of guidance and accessibility for aspiring choreographers (and their parents) to be somewhat alarming. So several years ago we decided to do something about this. Through NCDP, we have designed and curated training to help provide to direct, mentor, motivate, and inspire aspiring dancemakers and performance artists that are looking to make a bigger impact on the stage. With the participation of esteemed and experienced teaching artists and mentors carefully selected, we have created a curriculum of classes, workshops, and concert stage performances to launch aspiring professionals into lasting careers.

Ready to make your mark as a professional choreographer and/or performance artist?

Our aim is to provide the very best education and training in the dance world for aspiring choreographers, and to nurture the best performance artists, in order to help you achieve your goals and bring beautiful creations to stages around the world. When you attend New Century Dance Project, we will set you off and running toward an exciting future! You’ll add to your network of other young artists, making friends and acquaintances for exciting new collaborations and support. You will become part of the NCDP Tribe!