Nurting Emerging Performance Artists & Choreographers


Situated geographically between the two largest centers of dance in the United States (New York City and Los Angeles) and in a state with a long-standing reputation for excellence in both commercial and concert dance, the New Century Dance Project (NCDP) is already one of the foremost global events of its kind in just four years since its 2016 launch. By bringing together artists with skills in diverse genres and styles, and breaking down the barriers of generational differences between preprofessional and professional dancers, diverse styles and genres, the festival creates an exceptional laboratory for artistic development and breakthroughs. 
While the festival highlights the talent and develops the potential of young artists, we simultaneously celebrate the artistry of dancers in all stages of their careers. Through our choreography competition, student, emerging, and professional dance makers are invited to the festival to not only present their work, but to participate in and contribute to the creative learning process.  
With all festival activities geared toward the art of performance and the craft of choreography, there is no other dance program that offers such an innovative and unique training ground for young artists. During the six stimulating days, student choreographers and performers learn original choreography created onsite to perform on the mainstage. But there’s more. With the guidance of world-renowned teaching artists, participants are given the time and tools to explore creating their own work. The diverse master classes and workshops offered during the festival are a safe space to encourage risk-taking and self-exploration – essential elements to performing and creating. Whether you have been invited to perform at the festival concert as part of a group or an individual young artist who wants to take their performance skills to another level, there is a place especially for you at NCDP.
There is no other dance event like NCDP. This highly participatory, educational and nurturing event brings together the best parts of every kind of dance experience that student performing artists are accustomed to; master classes, performances, workshops, career exploration, mentoring from professionals and opportunities to develop lasting new friendships.

Nurting Emerging Performance Artists & Choreographers


A highlight of the festival is our six-day intensive for preprofessional performers and choreographers, ages 12-22. The unique intensive includes:

  • Morning classes in ballet and modern technique
  • Master classes by festival guest artists
  • Hands-on workshops to develop skills in performance and choreography
  • Discussion panels on college and career preparation
  • Mentoring with experienced professionals
  • Learning original choreography to be performed at the festival
  • Attending festival concerts

Why it's Important for Both the Choreographer & Dancer



While being a well-trained dancer and an experienced performer is of the utmost importance and a necessary foundation for any aspiring choreographer (and also a key component of the festival educational program), the art of composition (making a dance) is a nuanced skill that dancers with interest in choreography must hone over time. Every dancer has their own artistic voice, but how do artists learn to express themselves with meaningful, impactful choreography? How do they transition from creating movement to composing a piece? And even if a dancer doesn’t want to become a choreographer, why is it helpful for them to understand this as a performance artist? The lack of guidance for parents and aspiring choreographers is alarming. So we are doing something about this. Through NCDP, we have curated training to help provide direction, motivate, and inspire aspiring dancemakers and performance artists that are looking to make a bigger impact on the stage. With the participation of esteemed and experienced teaching artists and mentors selected, we have created a curriculum of classes, workshops, and concert stage performance to launch young artists into lasting careers.