The 2021 Festival


Festival teaching artists will be joining us in Austin, TX  as your expert instructors, mentors, and guides throughout the experience. Coming with a vast amount of experience across concert and commercial dance, they are committed to your growth and will inspire you to maximize your potential!


The following NCDP team of talented and committed professional dancers, choreographers and educators will guide you from the beginning of the experience until the curtain closes on Saturday night’s gala festival concert.

Francisco Gella
Artistic Director, Choreographer and Dance Educator

Julie Rose Friedrich
Windward School Faculty, Dance Educator and College Dance Expert

Yusha-Marie Sorzano

Yusha-Marie Sorzano
Choreographer and Dancer with Camille A. Brown


The Zeitgeist Dance Theatre Company 


Cameron Cofrancesco

West Chester, PA/Los Angeles, CA


Alessandra Depaolantonio

Chicago, IL


Rachel Harris

Charlotte, NC/New York, NY


Eileen Kim

Northbrook, IL/Los Angeles, CA


Sophia Oddi

San Marino, CA  


Benjamin Peralta

Jacksonville, FL/Los Angeles, CA


Tamir Rios

Jersey City, NJ


Jacalyn Tatro

Napierville, IL/New York, NY