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I’m not a choreographer. Is this program still for me?

Yes it is! The festival is for students ages 13-22, intermediate to advanced, who are wanting to take their performance quality to another level and/or aspire to be future choreographers.

Is this program different than an intensive, and what will be the focus?

The festival is unique from other dance intensive programs. We offer a deep-diving focus on teaching students the details and skills needed to be a great performer and/or a great choreographer. You’ll get a combination of hands-on experiential workshops and classes, and receive mentoring not offered at other programs.

If I am a choreographer and want to submit work to be considered for the festival, how do I know if I am eligible? If so, when can I do this?

For 2021, the choreography competition portion of the festival has been cancelled due to pandemic-related interruptions. But this will return in 2022! So, if you are a professional, emerging, or student choreographer you might be eligible to apply beginning this November when the application process opens. Please be sure to check back then for requirements and details.

What are the requirements to participate as a student in the festival?

The program is not for beginners, but IS for any student ages 13-22 who has been training seriously for several years and would self-report themselves as intermediate or advanced based on being placed in these classifications by their teacher. Student participants come from all different types of training environments – ballet or contemporary conservatories, arts high schools, schools run by professional dance companies, competitive-based studios, and everything in between.

Do I need transportation during the festival?

All of the festival activities will take place at the Dance Institute in Austin, TX. If you stay at the recommended hotel listed under the ‘Travel’ section of the website, you will not need transportation (except to and from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport). The hotel and studios are 25-30 minutes from the airport.

What does a typical day look like?

We will begin with our opening and orientation on Friday morning. For the remainder of the week, mornings will be classes; afternoons will be hands-on performance and choreography workshops and mentoring sessions; evenings will include other special activities.

Do I get to perform choreography at the festival?

In a normal year, every student participant gets to perform original choreography at the Festival Gala Concert on Saturday night. Students learn the original choreography during the week and share this special moment on stage with all of their friends they made during the event. This feature will return in Summer 2022!

How should I prepare for meals during the festival?

Students should plan on bringing a healthy lunch, dinner, and snacks with them during the day, or have food delivered by parents or accompanying teachers. There are also some options to get meals within walking distance of the Dance Institute.

What is the recommended attire?

Bring the clothes and shoes you are accustomed to wearing for dance classes in your home studio or school, including for ballet, modern and contemporary, and jazz. For students on pointe, bring your shoes. Bring socks and ballet slippers too. There is no requirement for the color of leos, tights, and shirts. In short, bring anything you think you might need for a variety of classes and keep everything in a bag each day that you carry with you to the festival. And don’t forget that water bottle.


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